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As of November 2013, this post is 4 years old. There have been changes at Netease and in the years between this update and the original composition of the post. These changes mean that the information in the post can no longer be considered current, nor can it be considered useful advice. The post remains as-is below for archival and historical reasons only.

As per the discussion in the comments section in November 2013, I'm amending this advice to suggest that you add all domains to your spam blacklists. Do not attempt to engage the owners nor the registrar in discussion; do not reply to any emails you receive from the domain, do not click on any 'unsubscribe' links, and do not attempt to report spam to, netease, or Report any emails you do receive to your ISP or to your mail provider so that they may add the domain to their own blacklists.

All content below this warning is from the original post which remains in its unaltered form.

Lots of people seem to be confused about the recent shower of spam from addresses.

For the uninitiated, over the last couple of days we've been sent the following email repeatedly:

We are a China based web designing and development studio. 
The purpose of this letter is to introduce our working ability to you, we have well 
experienced professionals in many Web platforms Such as Flash designs , Flash 
Action Scripts , DNN Skinning, PHP,ASP.Net, Flash , HTML , Photoshop, Web 
designs , Java scripts, Portal developments MY SQL, MS SQL etc ... Our technical, 
design and development team have grown in size to ensure we can continue 
providing excellent service to all of our customers.

Core offerings

Business website design
Business website redesign
Flash website design
Flash website redesign
Ecommerce website design
Ecommerce website redesign
Company website design
Company catalog design
Company logo design
Graphic design
Google search engine optimization
ERP Solutions

Pls check our website to see portfolio.

Best regards,
Wonassh Information Technologies
Website Team

Send address to for remove

According to far braver chaps than me, all emails to the unsubscribe address are ignored. Quite why a speculative job letter would reasonably have a mailing list that you could choose to unsubscribe from is beyond me, but I guess the internet is improbably still full of people who trust other people. :/ is unconnected with the spammers in the same way that Google's Gmail service is unconnected with the many 419 messages I get annually - it's just a free email service that people are using as a vector for sending spam through. Several commentators seem convinced that itself is the culprit, which would seem not to be the case. is an affiliated email provider of Netease, a Chinese-language internet company providing search engine, email, news aggregation and online games, I guess the Chinese equivalent of Yahoo.

Should any of you crazy kids wish to complain about the spam originating from domains, I suggest you use the Netease contact page (it's in English, don't panic) and drop the guys there a friendly note to let them know which email addresses are being used for the abuse.

PS: 'Wonassh Information Technologies' returns zero hits in good old Google. I had a go with Netease's search engine as well and also got no hits, so either the company name is usually written in Chinese and I'm not able to transcribe it into the right format, or -gasp! It's not actually a real company in the first place and perhaps it's just a front for email harvesting. Blimey.

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