Good site, admin.


Lately the internet has been swept with an awesome new spambot. It uses real-sounding email addresses (for eg or The body of the message or post is always "Good site, admin." or "Good post, admin.".

You can see the spambot in action here: At the time of writing, that particular contact form has been hit 18 times in 19 days!

I kind of like this spambot because it's interesting. It doesn't try to sell anything, doesn't seem to attempt to add any links to a message, and has actual natural language instead of a Markov-chain generated paragraph. The aim of the game seems to be the usual - spam a bunch of contact forms, see if you get an auto-responder or, god forbid, an actual human on the other end, and add the address to your harvested list. The difference is that this one doesn't 'taste' a contact form for allowed parameters (like the ones that contain a mixture of href and [url] tags along with plain text links).

The 'good site, admin' bot does seem to be gathering pace since the end of March 2009, so we'll probably see a lot more of it in future. In the meantime, sorry dude - your spambot's getting filtered :(

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